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Your six-year-old son Nevaan, sang for Lata Mangeshkar’s album Sarhadein in 2011. That was the first time he experienced the microphone and he was just two.Lataji told the composer, “Sonu ka beta to gaata hi hoga”.Best Dressed Celebrities at Arpita Khan’s Wedding Reception Hi Beauties, We just witnessed a real Big, Fat Indian wedding.Arpita Khan got married to a Delhi-based businessman Aayush Sharma. We're not prepared for the sacrifices, for the compromises, for the unconditional love. All it takes is a single hurdle to make us crumble to our feet. It's not love we're looking for, only excitement and thrill in life. We don't want a partner for life, just someone who can make us feel alive right now, this very instant. There's nothing we couldn't conquer in this world, and yet, here we are ham-fisted at the game of love – the most basic of human instincts. We immerse ourselves in the inconsequentials of the city life, leaving no space for love. We're the practical generation who runs by logic alone. We wouldn't take a flight to a far-off land just to see someone we love. We lurk from behind walls we've created ourselves, looking for love and running away the moment we really find it. It was an extravagant affair; and attended by many relatives, well-wishers, and celebrities; both from inside the Hindi film Industry and out of it.Many of them flew to Hyderabad to bless the couple; while many decked up for the Mumbai reception.

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The guessing game Though he's playing it very close to his chest and not saying a word about it (which given his felicity with words must be especially torturous), news comes in that stand-up comedian, screenwriter, playwright and novelist Anuvab Pal has been engaged by a big American streaming platform to write and direct a soon-to-be released comedy series.Later in David Dhawan’s Main Tera Hero, Yeh galat baat hai, which I sang, was dubbed by Javed Ali. I have a problem when someone asks me to sign a document unconstitutionally. We took a 56-piece symphony orchestra to the United States and did about 20 shows at iconic venues such as the Nassau Coliseum in New York and the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Percussionist Bickram Ghosh and I have given music for Jal and Sooper Se Ooper.Next, we are doing Happy Anniversary, which is likely to feature Amitabh, Abhishek and Aishwarya.This week, The Hollywood Reporter released the first installment of their Top Actors on Social Media list collated from data from MVP index that ranks, measures and evaluates the biggest influencers on digital platforms. "The Top Actors chart is a ranking of the most popular actors on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube and Google Plus, etc." says a spokesperson. The chart's methodology, we are informed, blends social engagement on the platforms along with weekly additions of followers/subscribers, and this tracking is for the week ended May 30.And when you learn that PC stood sandwiched between Dwayne Johnson (first) and Zac Efron (third), her co-stars in her recently released Hollywood starrer, all is explained about the sudden spike in the actress' social media popularity.