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Douglas Carl, 31, finished second in the mile in .1.

Adam Alderton, 33, ran 100 meters in 11.2 -- fifth place in an excellent time -- then ran the 110 meter hurdles in 20.2.

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I have a copy of a baptism record from the Sacred Heart church, North Strattford NH for Joseph Henri COLLARD born Jan 14 1908 in West stewartown NH and baptized at Sacred Heart, January 24, 1908.

α4β2 receptors modulate release of neurotransmitters, and tune a variety of circuits including those that regulate cognitive function. Our research is focused on an investigation of the functional properties of desformylflustrabromine (d FBr), a novel compound that selectively potentiates α4β2 responses to ACh via an allosteric mechanism. We are using single-channel methods to obtain a detailed understanding of the mechanisms that underlie d FBr-mediated modulation of two stoichiometric forms of α4β2 receptors (expressed in HEK cells) that may have distinct functional roles in vivo. Still to come this season are meets on July 21, August 4, August 18, and the annual championship September 1-2. Ted Hobart ran at Vermont City Marathon, in memory of Lollie Winans and Julie Williams.His next challenge is San Francisco Marathon on July 29, and he plans to organize the Bounder 50K on October 27.